There are plenty of bars and restaurants around the resort capable of satisfying serious hunger and thirst.

The General Store is the place to watch the football over a few beers on Saturday afternoons and is the only venue open all year round in the village.  

Try Swindlers Balcony on a sunny day or Chione’s when conditions are less than ideal. Due to its close proximity, Eumarellah members are often found in the bar at Jack Frost at the end of the day. 

For fine dining restaurants check out Arco at Jack Frost, Zirky’s and The Last Run Bar.  Affordable bistro style dining can be found at Swindlers, Snowbird and Frankie at Big D.

Supermarkets and licquor outlets can be found at the General Store, Jack Frost, Hotham Central and in the Arlberg complex although we recommend you bring all your food and drink requirements with you as on mountain prices are geared to remind the foolish of their forgetfulness!

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