Finding Eumarellah

Eumarellah is located at 4 Ash Drive (formerly Davenport Drive).  Ash Drive is closed to regular vehicle traffic in Winter so you need to park in the loading zone adjacent to Bus Stop 8 to unload your gear. 

Eumarellah is a short 200-metre walk from Bus Stop 8.  Proceed up the metal staircase, walk between Langi-Taan and Tanderra lodges and Eumarellah is straight ahead. Alternatively, you can drive to the top of the Moritz driveway where there is an unloading zone and walk to Eumarellah thereby avoiding the stairs from the road.

We have a luggage sled to make the transfer of gear a little easier; it is usually found in front of the lodge at the top of the stairwell.

Alternatively, Snowtow operates an over snow transfer service from Bus Stop 7. This service can be booked through Eumarellah when making your accommodation booking.

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